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Property Management

Andy Larsen, Property Management

Andy Larsen is currently serving our country as a United States Marine. He is nearing retirement and has already begun the next steps to building his new career and future as an owner of Timber Oaks Realty.

Andy grew up in Lyons and knows the area well. Soon after graduating Lyons High, he joined the military. Andy is married to his wife, Nickia, and together they have three children. He knew right away he wanted to build a great legacy for his children.

He fell in love with real estate after making a huge purchase in California. Once they sold their home, they used the profit to purchase rental homes in Lyons. He is dedicated to bringing you great satisfaction during your rental season in life. He truly wants you to feel right at home.

Andy is becoming seasoned in the property management aspect of Timber Oaks and would be happy to answer any questions you may have in rentals!
If interested in having Timber Oaks Realty manage your rentals or home, please contact Andy Larsen at andrew.f.larsen@gmail.com.